Pre-Galvanized Oval Tub


Oval Tub has the highest quality, with different finishes.

With side handle, easy to carry, practical, light, perfect for floral arrangements, as a gardener, to arrangements of gifts, Christmas chests, as cooler or as containers for food and beverages, does not retain odors, does not rust, lifelong , organic, made with 100% recyclable materials, waterproof and damp, fire resistant, non-toxic. Ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial in rural, urban and housing.

Available in the following finishes:

• Hot Dipped Galvanized: For immersion Galvanozinc Omega system used only by Omega Industrial.
• Coated Paint: In different colors, resistant, durable and exceptional brightness.
• Pre-Galvanized: Sheet with glitter and special features to decorate with a special style.


N 000 5.35" 11"x6.9" 9.2"x6.02" 1.85
N000 5.39" 15.94"x9.56" 14.1"x7.4" 3.54
N00 5.98" 17.63"x11" 16.3"x8.5" 5.51
N 0 6.61" 19"x12.7" 17.5"x9.5" 7
N 01 7.95" 22.6"x14" 20"x11.8" 11.4
N 02 9.05" 24.8"x14.7" 22.4"x10.6" 15.74
N 03 9.92" 27.4"x16.3" 24.4"x11.8" 19.68
N 04 11.61" 32.4"x18.7" 29.9"x13.9" 2